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Are you tired of Christianity, but still love the Lord and His Word?
Are you drained by endless church activities?
Do you feel empty and confused?
Is there something wrong with you?
These books are your ticket to freedom!
They may be the best investment you have ever made in your Christian life!
If you have left the organized “church” or are considering doing so, then these two books are the books for you!

These books will reveal the reasons why you feel that something is wrong. They will provide you with clarity and answers. They will help you explain to others why you are where you are.
Do you just want to Quit?
The Church in Ruins is a brief survey of Paul’s last epistle that will reveal that, while almost 2000 years have transpired, the condition of the church has remained the same, and indeed has worsened in accordance with Paul’s warning to Timothy. This book is not a call for a re-awakening of “the church,” because it is apparent that this is not Father’s plan. Rather, it is a call to individual men – men whose place in the Christian religious system has left them empty, stagnant, and restless – to awaken to Father’s call to be His faithful servant and stand outside of that system to look for other faithful men as well.

The Outsiders is a testimony thirty years in the making -- the results of a spiritual journey that the author found to be common to other saints scattered throughout the world and across history. This is an opportunity to explain why some who love the Lord no longer "go to church." It does not seek to persuade others to do something different; but rather simply to be who and what they already are “in Him.” This is an uncovering of the truth of the church, and an encouragement for the members of His Body to enjoy the position and standing “in Christ” that they already possess, realizing that they are truly “complete in Him” (Colossians 2:10), that He alone is their Life (Colossians 3:4), and that His Life is full of freedom (Galatians 5:1).

Is the Lord actually leading you to a far higher place in your walk with Him?